Friday, May 14, 2010

Dead fish,purple water and super Crab

WOW,Things can get crazy around here! Not sure if I mentioned but we have ALOT of pets.Last weekend the filter in our fish tank shut off without anyone noticing.By feeding time,3 of the four fish had died leaving one fish and an underwater frog.In a smaller tank,we had a crayfish.So until I got a minute to clean out the stinky tank,the fish and frog went on a trip to crabbys tank.Did I mention this happened in the few days before Mothers day? One thing I wanted to get done before tackling the tank was to help the Little Man make a hand print card for his Mom.After we painted his hands blue and orange and I spent 2 years(8 minutes) writting a poem on it(my printer is broke).I set it up on a paper stacker on the kids desk. Crabbys tank is also on said desk.A bit later I happened to walk passed the desk and notice that the water was a lovely shade of purple and floating at the bottom was our lovely art project! The kids were very impressed that every bit of the paint came off with no scrubbing.I was too busy trying to save the lives of Crabby and his two new room(tank) mates to notice.Fishy was easy.Froggy was easy to catch but jumped out of the net before I could get him into the jar I was putting them in until I could clean one of the now 2 dirty tanks! I screamed because I am grossed out by those things! Regular frogs I can handle(we have 2 of those!) but those albino underwater ones freak me out.So after 3 hours(minutes) of screeching while chasing the thing all over the desk top with the net while listening to my Daughter laugh(Thanks Ash)I finally got it into the jar.Next was Crabby.Crabby likes to hide under rocks.There was no way I could see him in the purple water so I had a brilliant idea! The tank wasn't very full so I carried it to the kitchen and set it on the counter.My idea was to tip it up while holding the net under the water that is draining out.Eventually he would have to come out and land in the net.Right???,that my friends would be far to easy! Somehow he managed to fly through the water,past the net and into the other sink..That was full of dishes...and hot water(did I mention I was getting ready to wash dishes when I saw the purple water?) So after draining the water,I found him and he joined his friends in the jar.After giving the tank a good scrubbing and a new location,the 3 are now back home.They are all actually getting along so the will stay together until someone eats someone else of the filter stops working.....again.Im....uh...really going to miss those 3 other fish....NOT! BTW,Crabbys new name is Super Crab.

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